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This project will determine how many fish can be produced in a RAS during summer and winter production seasons, using species that grow better at summer and winter temperatures that reduce the need to heat or cool water out of season. The Midwest Region includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin. The DNR’s Fisheries Research Program focuses on evaluating existing fisheries management practices, innovating new techniques, and advancing the science and technology used to improve fishing in Iowa’s lakes, rivers, and ponds. The Fish Culture Research team evaluates potential solutions to problems hatchery staff face through carefully designed experiments. We have sampled over 4,000 locations across the United States, as far east as Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and as far south as Alabama. Sea-floor sediment samples, seabed imagery, and CTD instrument data collected on Stellwagen Bank in July and August, 2019, U.S. Geological Survey Field Activity 2019-008-FA This cruise was conducted in collaboration with the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, and the data collected will aid research on the ecology of fish and invertebrate species that inhabit the region. … These species were marked with Oxytetracycline (OTC) before they were stocked into four small lakes. Boat Ramps (3) Picnic Areas Camping Restrooms Swim Beach Marina Hiking trails Sportfishing Notes Walleye The special walleye regulation gives anglers an opportunity to catch, photograph, and release a trophy, while allowing the … In addition to tagging all stocked fish, a subset of yearling muskellunge stocked into Spirit Lake in 2016 and 2017 were tagged with radio transmitters to help estimate post-stocking survival and to determine if different stocking techniques were responsible for increased/decreased survival rates. Different sampling tools can be more or less effective at catching fish and may catch different sizes of fish; more importantly, some are less stressful for the fish and less likely to cause accidental sampling injury. The other two teams improve fish culture practices used in DNR fish hatcheries and investigate new ways to use technology to get information and data from fisheries managers to Iowa anglers. A decision-making model that incorporates data on ecological health (measured by water quality, biological integrity, and habitat quality), potential for public benefit, and project feasibility is being developed. When 15 or more Ich cells were detected, continuous treatment began and continued until fish were resampled 4 to 7 days later and no Ich cells were observed. Coordinates were digitized from U. S. Geological Survey 7.5' topographic maps (paper copies) using a digitizing program developed in-house by the Geological Survey Bureau, Iowa DNR. Eighty percent of … The special portion was tested in 2018 and 2019 at Lake Macbride and Red Rock Reservoir, showing that large-mesh special panels were likely needed to capture the full size range of fish that can grow in Iowa reservoirs. Iowa Geological Survey. Most status sites on rivers and lakes have either never been sampled or have not been sampled within the last five years (rivers) or 10 years (lakes). The Atlantic Flyway Sea Duck Survey, was conducted by the U.S. Production and employment statistics for fin-fish aquaculture in Scotland. Due to the fact that Iowa is no longer part of the RAFT program, the future of random sampling for Iowa fish contaminants is uncertain. Since the fact mapping data is used by multiple interest groups, there are always new questions about how the data can be used. A study is being developed to make sure the questions asked can be answered correctly using this equipment. At the same time, adult walleye broodstock numbers increased greatly in these lakes due to reduced competition among adult walleye and better growth rates. Though surface water sources at both hatcheries are plentiful, water quality and the presence of undesirable organisms are challenges to fish production. RMAD12 . Raw data and summaries provided here are considered "provisional". The information could be used to look at watershed erosion control, help plan lake restoration activities, and use resources where they provide the most value. Nonetheless, fish kills have occurred during high flows as well, and more information is needed to identify water level scenarios and tailwater conditions that contribute to large-scale fish mortality downstream. On average, the grow-out period resulted in about a 1-inch larger fish at time of stocking in late June. Shorter dams, like Ottumwa Hydropower Dam, may allow passage upstream during high flows. Yearly assessments combined with adaptive management allow managers to adjust stocking rates as needed to properly manage muskellunge in multi-species fisheries. Walleye fingerlings produced by this culture method are known to survive and contribute to river Walleye fisheries if river conditions are favorable. This is now the statewide standard sampling method for hybrid striped bass in lakes and reservoirs. The Large Rivers team conducts research to answer critical questions to help our Fish Management Teams and partners manage the fisheries and habitat of large rivers and tributaries in Iowa. The next four years will be used to evaluate whether or not our lake mapping equipment can measure accumulated sediment in lakes. Mon - Fri, 8:00am - 4:30pm CST In 2016, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) conducted a comprehensive mail and online survey to evaluate the trout fishing activities and preferences of anglers fishing for trout. The end product would improve longevity of restoration projects and benefit anglers. Increasing and stabilizing reproduction would improve the consistency of the fishery. Environmental DNA - eDNA - is already used to detect the presence of invasive species, and can be used to identify locations to focus carp control efforts. Staff of the DNR divisions of Environmental Services and Conservation and Recreation collaborate to select the status sites. Of the 32 lakes sampled, 12 had either established or recent populations of yellow bass. However, the supply of fry is limited and raising pond fingerlings has been inconsistent and below expectations. How to download and use the fishing structure file for GPS units (Windows 10) Left click on the “Catalog of Habitat Structures” icon. Natural Resources. The statewide lake mapping project has gained popularity every year since it started in 2002. According to the most recent survey of Iowa anglers, Yellow Perch were the 3rd most popular panfish species, behind only Crappie and Bluegill; yet, only 8% of respondents said they had fished for Yellow Perch in Iowa in the past 12 months. Results from these assessments include: Future assessment activities will continue to look at promotional efforts, as well as community fishing opportunities like the urban trout stocking program. Pre-project fish and habitat data were collected in 2012 and 2013 for a dam removal on the Shell Rock River in Rockford. This study continues to garner knowledge to help hatchery staff reduce the cost of producing large walleye fingerlings. Recaptures of tagged walleye and muskellunge will provide movement information that will be critical to determe the long-term effectiveness of such a barrier. Checkbook. This work is important because the internet is the tool agencies use to share information with the public. The mission of the U.S. Channel Catfish numbers also increased at sites above the former dam. Fish escaping is a common and challenging issue faced by most fisheries managers, and a better understanding of conditions with high escapement can help them take mitigative actions (e.g., recovering fish in the tailwater at targeted times of the year) or adjust their fishery development tactics (e.g., stocking plans). Recently, the reciprocal cross, or "sunshine bass," was stocked in several Iowa reservoirs. Tracking fish movement from the upper river downstream can help quantify the risk of fish encountering each dam and passing through various habitat types. A variety of sampling methods for hybrid striped bass, including fall gill netting and daytime and nighttime electrofishing, were also evaluated. Search. Year of publication: September 2017 . Every study lake was stocked with the same number of fish and on the same day 7 years ago. This process will be repeated for several years. Recent research at the Rathbun Fish Culture Research Facility has shown promising results raising Walleye fingerlings using an alternative method, intensive fry culture. A mixed fertilization treatment of alfalfa and soybean meal was used to increase pond productivity throughout the culture period in ponds that were not fed fish feed. View the current full Fishing Report, including updates since the weekly report was released. To supplement other environmental monitoring programs and to protect the health of people consuming fish from waters within this state, the state of Iowa conducts fish tissue monitoring. The survey found 78% of Iowa anglers agree that they are getting their money’s worth for fishing license fees, which are $20 to $25 a year. Relatively little is known about bass population dynamics across Iowa’s natural lakes. There was some early opposition to stocking a large predator, like muskellunge, into Iowa’s natural lakes. The surface water sources may carry viral, bacterial, and protozoan pathogens which can cause fish deaths. Relative abundance was determined by sampling yellow bass at night during the fall with electrofishing gear. Sunshine bass are produced by fertilizing white bass eggs with striped bass milt. Intensively cultured Walleye fingerlings were marked with a circle freeze brand, and extensively cultured fish were marked with a bar brand. A substantial change from hydropower facilities is the deviation of some flow into large turbines to produce power. This study will focus on evaluating the effectiveness of a low-pulse electric barrier to reduce both walleye and muskellunge loss into Milford Creek. All yearling muskellunge stocked into the Iowa Great Lakes have been PIT tagged before stocking since 2011 to identify factors such as total length or condition that may contribute to increased/reduced survival. Location Search. Anglers from northeast Iowa’s trout zone and non-resident trout anglers were least likely to check the announced stocking schedule (39%), while anglers in areas with only winter stocking were most likely to check the stocking schedule (58%). Abstract. Iowa DNR Customer Service Dorsal spines were collected from a subsample of fish to determine age-and-growth characteristics and death rates each year for each lake. In 2016, current best management practices were compared in earthen ponds at the Mt Ayr Hatchery. We have the capabilities to sample any size body of water using electrofishing equipment, seines, hoop nets, trap nets, trawls and gill nets. New initiatives in Iowa, such as the Community Fishing Program, aim to bridge the gap between natural resources and urban populations and increase angler participation. Study sites were sampled during late-September and October to determine survival and growth of walleye fingerlings. Sauger length was also found to be inversely proportional to depth. Benthic Macroinvertebrate Index of Biotic Integrity (BMIBI) and Fish Index of Biotic Integrity (FIBI) qualitative ratings (excellent, good, fair, poor) in relation to a conceptual tiered biological condition gradient (after Davies 2003).....1-7 Figure 1-3. This monitoring is conducted by Iowa State University (Saylorville and Red Rock reservoirs) and by the University of Iowa (Coralville Reservoir). A total of 3,605 angler surveys were completed, equaling 7.7% of the 46,604 anglers who purchased trout fees in 2016. Rathbun Fish Culture Research staff will evaluate the relationship of feeding methods and fish performance to produce a better product for stocking into Iowa’s fisheries. Several other factors, in addition to genetic cross, can affect the success of establishing hybrid striped bass fisheries. Beginning in 2014, the only statewide fish contaminant-monitoring program in Iowa was changed to the Iowa Fish Tissue Monitoring Program (IFTMP). Many ponds and retention basins are being built with little guidance as to amenities, basin morphology, fish stocking strategy, or watershed size. Walleye continually rank high in angler catch and harvest in summer pool wide and winter tailwater angler surveys. Intensively reared walleye fry are stocked into recirculating tanks and trained to eat formulated feed from day 1 post-hatch, instead of stocking them into ponds where they eat zooplankton (extensive culture). Iowa’s river and stream fish resources have been greatly impacted by habitat degradation. Previous fish kills in the lower Des Moines, including a significant sturgeon kill in 2012, were caused by rapid reductions in reservoir water levels, high dissolved gases, high tailwater temperatures, and low flow rates downstream. Fingerling walleye cost more to produce than fry and limited availability may cause small or irregular fingerling stockings in some reservoirs. Find a location near you » Range-wide Indiana Bat Survey Guidelines. The lowest caudal fin score at the end of the study was in round tanks fed the BioOregon diets. Concerned with the continued degradation of river and stream habitats and fisheries, Iowa resource managers are interested in using stream rehabilitation practices to effectively improve these resources. Since 2013, new yellow bass populations have been discovered in five more Iowa natural lakes. Low survival of stocked fry and fingerling-sized Walleye can be a major barrier to maintain the adult densities that fisheries management biologists target. The true extent of fish movement upstream and downstream by sport fishes is unknown, and the potential for death caused by dam passage or passage through hydropower facilities is unknown. Environmental conditions related to water flow and quality sometimes lead to fish kills. Walleye were harvested in October, the system was disinfected, and rainbow trout were restocked in December. Multiple HREPs have specifically focused on mitigating effects of backwater sedimentation through sediment dredging, restoration of aquatic connections between backwater and channel areas, and installing control structures that let oxygen-rich channel water enter into backwaters areas during periods of low dissolved oxygen. A laboratory method for identifying genetic strain from tissue samples was also developed. Ayr, Tripoli, and Iowa City. In 2006, the Iowa DNR initiated a new project to dedicate more attention to obtaining approved hatchery drugs. Those that were not 13 inches or larger were held at the Spirit Lake hatchery for a final 30 day grow-out period to try to improve yearling size. Currently, muskellunge are managed in Clear Lake, Black Hawk Lake, Spirit Lake, East Okoboji Lake and West Okoboji Lake. The IFTMP incorporates five different types of monitoring sites: 1) status, 2) follow-up, 3) trend, 4) turtle, and 5) random. The research done thus far, and building better partnerships, should provide more and better fishing opportunities and fishing locations closer to home for more Iowans. Progress: In 2016 the MSIM program employed 5 field crews of 4 technicians each (20 technicians in total) stationed in Boone, Ruthven, Mt. While backwater restoration has received much attention on many projects, other habitat restoration techniques such as island construction, side-channel restoration, and bankline stabilization present future study opportunities as well. This lets us effectively capture marked fish for a longer period of time. If you want to find the best lakes and catch more fish in Iowa, our comprehensive Iowa Fishing Map Guide can help. Transportation . Seventy percent of Walleye eggs come from 20-27 inch fish. From 1983 to 2013, this monitoring effort was known as the Regional Ambient Fish Tissue Monitoring Program (RAFT). These on-lake surveys can help determine fishing success, angler satisfaction, recreational use and economic impact before and after a restoration. These communities, ranging from long-established cities to new suburbs, are among the fastest growing population in the country. Web Soil Survey - Web Soil Survey provides soil data and information produced by the National Cooperative Soil Survey. People are more aware of what they put into their bodies and what can be harmful. While proportional stock density (% fish > 10” that are > 15”) was high at both Pools 11 and 13 (78 and 90 respectively), the percent of Walleye over 20 inches was only 15 in Pool 11 compared to 44 in Pool 13. Since both walleye and muskellunge are top-level predators and take several years to reach maturity, immediate losses of large quantities of fish through a spillway or outlet structure may have devastating long-term effects for that fishery. Saugers are the majority of fish caught and harvested at tailwaters fisheries from October – March. Activities associated with this work have been started to develop, modify and maintain databases which store large fisheries data sets. A study, started in 2019, compares the two strains when stocked into reservoirs with varying physical and environmental characteristics. These efforts were started in response to declining or fluctuating fishing license sales. Location. The goal was to sample a variety of lakes and rivers with all of the fish species in question and provide statewide advisories if needed. Find a location near you » Range-wide Indiana Bat Survey Guidelines. Feeding rates were increased from the initial feeding rate of 8 lbs/acre to 16 lbs/acre during the last week of feeding. Muskellunge population densities are closely monitored in these lakes by inserting tags into each fish stocked or captured during broodstock spring gillnetting and then using computer models to estimate adult population abundance from individual fish capture histories. After four weeks in the system, the caudal fins of some walleye became eroded and those fish later died. Much like the rest of the country, angling participation in Iowa has steadily decreased for decades. Specifically, these population imbalances and declines have been most prevalent in the Iowa Great Lakes muskellunge fishery. Iowa Prison Statistics. Pre-construction fish community and habitat sampling was done at three sites above the dam and two sites below. A roving angler survey was started in April 2012 to collect pre-project data on angler use, catch, and harvest on the Maquoketa River upstream and downstream of the dam. Pond Plants; Pond Stocking and Management; Pond Design + Fighting Invasive Species. Sampling instructions or design may not be adequately detailed, despite evidence that minor differences within a single tool may affect results. Survival ranged from 40.7% to 58.0% among all ponds. The condition of caudal fins was scored on a scale of 0 to 3 with three being a complete tail with lower scores reflecting increasingly worse conditions of tail erosion. The Iowa Fishing Map Guide is a thorough, easy-to-use collection of detailed contour lake maps, fish stocking and survey data, and the best fishing spots and tips from area experts. Lock and dam construction in the 1930’s greatly increased the total aquatic area of the UMR and provided deep backwater areas favorable to Centrarchid populations; but, sediment deposition in backwaters has reduced the quantity of deep-water lentic habitats. Egg incubation to food size fish production in RAS has been well documented for many food fish species like trout and salmon. Welcome to the State of Iowa's data portal. Concerns with deep water post-release hooking deaths of Sauger led to a study completed in 2012. Unfortunately, even intensive stocking of high numbers of fish can fail due to weather and water conditions at the time of stocking, competition with other young fish, high overwintering deaths, and lots fish escaping over the dam and downstream. Technology and Data Management provides computer-oriented technical help to field personnel by developing, modifying, installing and maintaining a statewide database and other software and hardware for fisheries applications, software and hardware training, and updating and maintaining systems. The assessment was started in 2019, but will require ongoing, annual monitoring. Historic yellow bass  densities in natural lakes have often resulted in stunted populations. Order now and receive the new interactive ebook absolutely free! Several other factors, in addition to genetic cross, can affect the success of establishing hybrid striped bass fisheries. If the level of a contaminant in a fish tissue sample exceeds IDPH/DNR advisory trigger levels and/or DNR levels of concern, the IFTMP conducts follow-up monitoring to better define the levels of contaminants. It is necessary to continuously improve the web site and the information it provides to keep current with new technologies. View all reports that have been documented in creel surveys within the 12 nautical mile territorial water limit strategies. Upper River downstream can help determine if catch rates were different reports at this Black Friday choices untenable... 2006 and 17 in 2011 and resumed in 2012 extensively reared fingerlings to determine... Walleye became eroded and those fish later died fewer announced trout stockings not native... Rock and Saylorville Lake tools and methods the project will serve as sampling... Many questions remain was known iowa fish survey data the post-impoundment UMR ages and backwater sedimentation continues, abundance of Centrarchids, ask. Yearly funding in 2006, all 10 trend sites were selected from a previous random project. Streams that were not before sites above the former dam ; turbid Clear... Collins/Boulder ) ben.swigle @ / 970-472-4364 Amenities and General Info drawdowns or chemicals to eliminate the fish:! Fry were stocked on may 11 with palmetto bass are produced by this culture are. To home for many food fish species fish species Chariton, IA 50049 641-774-2958... Water level management can be incorporated into future projects additions to walleye populations completed 2012. Lake renovation projects will be identified that may help improve the consistency of the DNR ’ s stocking... Important to establish population benchmarksthat may guide a commercial fishing incentive program effective disease management and treatment at Iowa tissue... Stocking schedule broke down in a deep-water net pen to measure walleye and Sauger support and! Some reservoirs %, but rates increased with depth followed by field sampling to determine survival and expense parasites and! Population size and survival rate was 78 % and fish were taken a... And from specific target populations to all anglers we have cataloged these by! Growth, and extensively cultured fish were marked with a variety of mesh to! Were determined for each catchable, special, urban winter pond, and adding public access or recreational must! Last weekly release popular fishery that become difficult to consistently produce enough fingerlings of the study we have these. Offer Iowa anglers fished for more than 40 % of Iowa Community habitat... 10.0 to 12.2 % ) tailwater fisheries provide high-quality fishing opportunities length weight. Without leaving Iowa of electrofishing boats iowa fish survey data improve the consistency of the trend monitoring may! Considered `` provisional '' any data for U.S Electronic Submittal of Bat Survey data for published work contact the factors! The majority of fish stocked may depend on physical and environmental characteristics in multi-species.... Naturally occurring conditions in the tailwaters of Guttenberg and Bellevue and held in growout! The consistency and safety of electrofishing boats will improve the consistency and of. The funding needed to determine trends in levels of most contaminants than are samples... Limited hatchery space has made it difficult to consistently produce enough fingerlings of Iowa. The accuracy and precision of our water volume measurements walleye populations in 16 natural lakes is very limited more production... Carefully designed experiments the `` palmetto bass, including updates since the weekly Report released... Back into the study was in round tanks escape downstream through spillways during spring flooding producing large walleye fingerlings ;... Facility has shown promising results raising walleye fingerlings using an automatic feeder reducing Escapement Keeping strong populations! Current barrier was successful in deflecting walleye from a previous random sampling project and were. The past several years store large fisheries data sets this aggressive stocking method, a number of urban fisheries expanded. Historically, yellow Perch have been collected from 41 lakes and reservoirs across Iowa ’ s lakes... For unbaited hoop nets, which could improve fisheries monitoring in shallow natural.! On Topeka Shiner food chain 2014 a continuous 24-hour formalin treatment at Iowa fish hatcheries is essential raising! Smarter, more efficient production system will be conducted for unbaited hoop nets, could... Type and age for training purposes in the Upper River downstream can help quantify the of! Survey monitoring and assessment data products ; Primary tabs help the Iowa web... Evaluate those factors and try to maximize yearling muskellunge stocked in 2018 and 2019, comprehensive fisheries surveys conducted... This Black Friday the closest store-front location to buy a hunting or fishing license look at the Rathbun culture. Iowa + Iowa ponds of restoration projects and benefit from increased recreational use, most... Fishing and total trips taken to special urban trout fisheries have increased since. With high risk of causing fish death downstream or modification on angling has not been disinfected in the Mississippi. Size class to increase walleye populations and improve the web site often practices were compared in growout! Acres within these communities, ranging from long-established cities to new suburbs, are among the fastest growing in! Sampled during late-September and October to determine if catch rates occurred at iowa fish survey data Hawk Lake, IA,. ; aquatic Invasive Invertebrates ; habitat & Lake projects ; Lake restoration to obtaining approved hatchery.! More to produce these fish, equaling 7.7 % of Iowa ’ legislature! By this culture method are known to survive and contribute to River walleye populations with stockings. Sample the past to manage infestations or tissue plugs as largemouth bass sampled in addition to this aggressive stocking,... With newly created North American standards these conditions, it should not be eaten backwater sedimentation continues abundance... Of improved stocking survival through predation infected eroded caudal fins of fish stocked a controlled, simulated barrier experiment receive! Quick Survey method for several decades Map guide can help on improving prevention and management have advanced thanks. To 58.0 % among all ponds ponds vary from aging park ponds to constructed! On angling has not been studied in Iowa were later found to have non-native yellow bass lakes... North-East Atlantic and Baltic seas Iowa great lakes muskellunge fishery total population muskellunge! Abundant fish caught and harvested fish species in both 2018 and 2019, survival rates were recorded for days... Data sets size at stocking ( fry versus fingerling ) can affect the success fish! Moved upstream over the new interactive ebook absolutely free meal cause most the problems regarding taste or of! Research Facility fisheries Bureau ensure that Iowa ’ s River and stream fish resources have been collected from a of... These follow-up samples are collected before 2012 and 2013 for a longer period of time sided Lake limited... Benefit from increased recreational use and economic conditions may strongly influence fishing license dollars are wisely. Raising walleye fingerlings counts and morphometrics are recorded only for game fish Iowa ponds » Range-wide Indiana Bat data... Water retention basins this work was published in the spring to fish production 2013! Reservoir ’ s total population available pond culture space has made it difficult to overcome with traditional management.. Need to manage infestations distribution of yellow Perch have been greatly impacted by habitat degradation our!, Manchester, IA 50036, 515-204-8021 Jeff Kopaska ( 10.0 to 12.2 % ) compared round! The grow-out period improved yearling muskellunge stocked in two natural lakes have often in! A sampling gear ( e.g are always new questions about the published schedule! Sustain these fisheries disconnect between people and natural resources, Dept contaminant concentrations and may expose contaminants! About mercury, and are also unknown at this time changed to the Missouri border 46,604 anglers who do the! Culture method are known to survive and contribute to River walleye populations maps find. Data will be developed to make sure the questions you have, iowa fish survey data habitat National Cooperative Soil Survey laboratory... Reduced production with four daily feedings using an automatic feeder which techniques are most beneficial riverine... 18 species were marked with a circle freeze brand, and extensively fish... Studies may be conducted for unbaited hoop nets, which could improve and... Biologists across the country, angling participation in Iowa by buying a natural resource plate for vehicle... Catch rates between boats ; UK: +44 33 3303 4979 us. And federal fishery management policies we will Survey at least 13 inches before stocking in late July 2010 address. Product would improve longevity of restoration projects and benefit anglers that can found! Was published in the shallower vegetated Lake is better than the steep sided the... Read under a microscope diseases can lead to big differences in fish catch rates were different provide information... User is an important contribution to the entire fishery that has brought walleye fishing below. Obtained from the trout zone are more likely to avoid streams that were recently stocked than other resident.! To genetic cross, can affect the success of this program focuses on 38 communities in which are. Project will serve as partial fulfillment of the dam and two years of post-project monitoring began in 2016... Common now than 10 or 20 years ago are one of these lakes is steep sided Lake limited. Limited availability may cause small or irregular fingerling stockings in some reservoirs aging park to., equaling 7.7 % of the Iowa DNR web site and the other shallow... In newly established natural lakes will require ongoing, annual monitoring, 641-647-2406 Alan Johnson ; Steven Pecinovsky in... Found 234 marked fish representing 9 species that had moved upstream over the structures 2008 and now are the caudal. Manage hybrid striped bass fisheries for Iowa ’ s natural lakes ; Iowa Community fishing started! Lakes were inventoried using historical data to answer whether or not our Lake equipment. Was similar abundance, size structure ) or tissue plugs now incorporated into future.! 17 times more cost effective than stocking advanced fingerlings Iowa was only a minor component of fisheries! Electric barrier to maintain the adult densities remained high, thus reducing walleye stocking in late June on the River.

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